Kai Mao

The winner of the United States' outstanding talents, is now a professional artist who lives in the Los Angeles. His creations are mainly oil paintings, sculptures and printmaking. He has held solo exhibitions in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy. He has won awards including the 2017 and 2019 American Art  Awards, the Italian FAC International Art Festival Awards, and The 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts in China 2019.



Member of the American professional artists union

American oil painting & acrylic painting association member

Los angles art  association member

Member of hunan oil painting society



1996       Graduated from decoration art design of Central South University in

2013       graduated from the Chinese Academy of oil painting seminar; 

2013       study in Sweden oil painting repair expert Julita Rembrandt oil painting techniques; 



Aug.   2020    Guangzhou,《ANIMALS FARM》solo exhibition;

Jan.   2019      Los angles USA《SUPERIOR ANIMALS》solo exhibition;

Aug.   2017      Venice, Italy, parallel solo exhibition of the 2017 Venice biennale; 

Oct.   2016       Newcastle UK《SUPERIOR ANIMALS》solo exhibition;



Sep.  2019        Won awards in the 2019 American Art Awards.

Aug.  2019        The sculpture was awarded at the 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts in China 2019.

Sep.  2017        Won six awards in the 2017 AMERICAN ART AWARDS, juried byAmerica's 25 Best Galleries & Museums

Feb.   2017        Italian FAC art exhibition, , won the Asian art prize.

Feb.   2016        Beijing, Artand Artist Award for the year award ;

Nov.   2014        Beijing, “Portait Now! Urban life in contemporary China” Times portrait Eshibition. Award of honor work;



Dec.  2021       Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair.

Dec.  2021       Shenzhen International Art Fair.

Oct.  2020      Shanghai,Art Shanghai Fair.


May.  2019       HONG KONG 2019 Hong Kong City Art Fair;

Aug.   2018      LA. US,Irvine All Media Exhibition 2018 ;

Mar.   2018       Cooperated with LV's fashion brand GXG to develop a number of clothing products;

May.  2017        Participated in the advertising shooting of Poly ARTEL Hotel and endorsed Poly;

Feb.   2017        the Art Capital artist salon exhibition in Paris, France;

Dec.   2016        USA, NOAPS 2016 Fall On-line Exhibition;

Dec.   2016        Guangzhou,The 21st Guangzhou International Art Fair;

Jun.   2016         Vienna  Austria,Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition;

Jun.   2016         Beijing, Beijing Hanhai 2016 Spring Auctions;

Dec.   2015        Changsha,The Collection Of Oil Paintings On The Seventh Exhibition Of Hunan;

Dec.   2015        Guangzhou,2015 GuangZhou City Exhibition of Young Artists;;

Aug    2015        Beijing. The 4rd “E Jinghua” Oil Painting Exhibition;

Oct.    2014        Beijing, Beijing Hanhai 20 Year Autumn Auctions;

Jul.     2014        Changsha. The Twelfth National Fine Arts Exhibition-The Hunan Pavilion;

May.   2014        Beijing, HIHEY ART T3 Festival;

Dec.   2013        Beijing,   Beijing POLY Autumn Auction “Modern And Contemporary Chinese Arts Day”

Oct.    2013        Changsha,  “Paint Heart·Paint Colors” Hunan Provincial Oil Painting Association 11 Young Artists Group Exhibition;

Sep.   2013        Beijing,   The Third “E Jinghua” Oil Painting Exhibition;

Sep.   2013        Beijing,   The Third “Artistic Conception·China” Exhibition;

Apr.   2013         Beijing,   Beijing POLY the 22nd Fine Arts Auction;

Jan.   2013         Beijing,   Beijing POLY the 21nd Fine Arts Auction;

Jan.   2013         Changsha,   First Body Art Oil Painting Exhibition of Hunan;

Sep.  2012         Guangzhou,   Guangdong Provincial Exhibition of Young Artists;

Dec.  2011         Beijing,The 1st Art Phoenix Contemporary Oil painting Exhibition Of Young Artists;




Participated in many domestic Poly and Hanhai auctions of large institutions;

His works have been collected by collectors and art institutions in Wanda, Poly, Britain, Italy, the United States, China and other countries.